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Shipping a vehicle can be very overwhelming, especially having zero experience. We're here to provide you with all the information needed to make booking your vehicle transport easy and stress free! Below are the most common questions asked by our customers.


White Minibuses


Cargo Vans and XL Trucks are the biggest and heaviest types of vehicles. This means they are the most expensive to transport.

How much will it cost to ship your Cargo Van or XL Truck?

Q) What factors affect the cost of shipping a vehicle?


How quick do you need your vehicle shipped? Depending on your time frame, expedited shipping is always an option, but will come with a higher price. If you have some flexibility, waiting for a carrier to be assigned to pick up and deliver your vehicle on their already scheduled route, will save you money and be more affordable in the long run.


How far does your vehicle need to be shipped? Mileage plays a huge role in the cost to ship a vehicle. The further the distance, the more money you pay.


What type of vehicle are you shipping? Bigger and heavier vehicles such as Trucks, Vans and SUVs will be more expensive to ship than Cars or Small Sedans.


Where is your vehicle being picked up and delivered to? If the pick up or drop off destination is hard to reach or far from a main highway, price can be affected. Pick up or deliveries that aren't located on a heavily traveled route, will end up costing more.


Does your vehicle run and drive? If your vehicle is in-operable be prepared to pay more to have it transported. Carriers might require special equipment or even a tow truck to get the vehicle on or off of the auto hauling trailer.


What type of transport do you prefer? Open transport means the vehicle is transported on a trailer with no walls, and is exposed to all outside elements. This is the most common type of vehicle shipping service. Open Transport is easier to arrange due to the fact it can accommodate more than an enclosed trailer would. If Enclosed Transport is what you prefer, please allow more time for a carrier to be assigned to your order, as there are limited amounts of carriers who use enclosed trailers. Be prepared to pay more for this type of service.


Because fuel prices fluctuate all the time from region to region, what you pay to have your vehicle shipped can and will be greatly affected. This is possibly the largest variable expense associated with the auto transport industry.

Q) How do I get a quote for transporting my vehicle?

Speak to one of our Vehicle Transport Specialists any time by calling 



Click on the button below to get your Free Quote

Q) What's included in my quote?

The Free Quote you receive from us is ALL INCLUSIVE. No Hidden Fees, No Sales Tax and No Additional Charges of Any Kind! Plus, Insurance Coverage is also included in the price you are given! Every Carrier in the Dash Auto Delivery network has been FMSCA verified and are operating fully licensed, bonded and insured. This means you can have peace of mind about your vehicle being delivered smoothly and safely.

Q) What information is needed when placing my order?

To complete your order, we MUST have the following information:

  • *Contact Name for Pick Up/Drop Off locations

  • *Phone Number and Address for Pick Up/Drop Off locations

  • *VIN# of the Vehicle

  • *Status of Vehicle (Operable or In-Operable)

  • *Shipping Preference (Open or Enclosed Transport)

  • *Time Frame of when it needs shipped

  • *Any special instructions to give to Carrier    


*We will NOT process an order and a Carrier will NOT be assigned until we have all of the above information*     

Q) Does someone have to be present at the pick up and drop off locations?

Yes, there must be someone over the age of 18 with the authority to release and accept the vehicle at pick up and delivery. The person releasing the vehicle will need to provide keys and sign the bill of lading and vehicle inspection done by the carrier. The person accepting the vehicle at drop off will also be responsible for reviewing and signing the bill of lading and delivery inspection by the carrier.  

Q) Where will my car be picked up and delivered?

The carrier will get the transport trailer as close to your door as they can legally and safely get for pick up and delivery. However, some cities and municipalities may have restrictions regarding large trucks driving in residential areas. Furthermore, transport trucks are large and need a great deal of room to navigate and turn around. If your pick up or delivery location is hindered by tight turns, dead ends or crowded and narrow streets, the carrier may request you meet at a location nearby with a large parking lot. 

Q) Can I put any luggage or personal belongings in the vehicle to be transported?

Every transportation company has their own rules and regulations. We understand that customers want to feel comfortable when shipping their vehicles and might have certain items they would prefer to stay inside their vehicle while being transported. Leaving luggage and personal belongings in a transported vehicle is acceptable, as long as the customer complies with the following terms and limitations: 

  1. Only personal items or belongings; except for prohibited items.

  2. The cumulative weight of the items does not exceed 100 pounds total.

  3. Items must be stored ONLY in the trunk of the vehicle. Truck beds do NOT count, unless items are safely fastened and secured. Carrier has the right to ask any and all customers to remove these items if they feel these terms are not being met.

  4. No personal items; without exceptions, are left in the vehicle's passenger compartment.

  5. We are NOT responsible for the safety of any items left in a transported vehicle. We cannot be held liable for any lost or damaged items. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect their vehicle before transport. 

Below is a list of PROHIBITED ITEMS that cannot be left in the vehicle being transported:

Animals or living beings

Jewelry or valuables

Plants or seeds

Food or perishable goods

Chemicals of any kind (Household, cleaning or industrial)

Works of art


Drugs (Prescribed or illegal)

Fragile or breakable items

Flammables or explosives (includes all flammable substances and type of explosives such as fireworks and/or other explosive substances as per the annual list of explosives

Q) How long will it take for my vehicle to be transported?

A vehicle can be delivered in about 1-7 days once it has been picked up. Keep in mind this does not include the amount of time it takes to schedule the pick up. Many factors affecting the time frame include when the vehicle needs picked up, type of vehicle, status of the vehicle (operable or in-operable), type of transport needed (open or enclosed), route distance, location and the time of year. You will be given an estimated time frame with your transportation quote. Exact day deliveries are never promised, due to the fact unexpected delays can occur.

Q) If my car doesn't run what should I do?

When requesting a quote, you should let your transportation coordinator know your vehicle is inoperable. Our network of carriers are equipped to handle non running vehicles, as long as it meets these requirements:​


  1. Working foot brake pedal (a working emergency brake handle will not suffice). 

  2. Air in ALL tires.

  3. Set of keys.

  4. No obvious fluid leaks.

Q) Will my car be insured during transit?

Yes, every Car Carrier in the Dash Auto Delivery's network has been FMCSA verified and are operating fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Q) How do I pay for my vehicle transport?

Once you accept your official transportation quote, you will automatically receive an invoice where you will then have the option to pay directly online. We accept all major credit cards, as well as electronic transfer, postal money order, and bank/certified check for the deposit or full pre-payment of your shipment.  

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