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Need extra protection for your vehicle?


Enclosed Transport is the best option to guarantee extra protection for your vehicle. Hidden from all outside elements, this will ensure a safer journey to the delivery destination. A great option for classic or luxury vehicles! Keep in mind this shipping option does come with a higher price and sometimes a longer time frame for pick up and delivery. Enclosed Auto Trailers can often only accommodate a few vehicles at a time, and in most cases, up to 7 automobiles. 

What is the price for Enclosed Vehicle Transport?


Every quote we provide is based off of Open Transport pricing. Expect to pay an extra 30-40% for the added protection of Enclosed Transport.

Who needs Enclosed Vehicle Transport?

If you are unsure wether or not you need enclosed transport for your vehicle, ask yourself the following questions:

1.) Am I concerned about the outside elements such as dust, dirt, pollution, or other debris my vehicle might be subject to during transport?

2.) Am I concerned about the weather conditions such as rain, snow or ice?

3.) Do I consider my vehicle an investment?

4.) Does my vehicle have custom paint or decals that need protected?

5.) Do I want extra protection against theft?

You can also call one of our Transportation Specialists at (8972) 325-4252 or contact us via email at to discuss the specifics of your vehicle and we can make a recommendation.

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