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What does Door-To-Door mean?

With Door-To-Door Transport, our drivers will pick up and deliver to the specified address as closely and legally as possible, making it the most convenient way to ship your vehicle. The address can be a home, business, or commercial address.

Can you guarantee pick up or delivery to the address provided?

Unfortunately, there are some factors that prohibit our drivers from reaching their pick up or drop off destinations. Examples are residential zoning laws, weight restrictions, narrow streets, low hanging trees or street debris. Also, if the pick up or drop off locations are located on a hillside or mountainous area, the carrier might have trouble maneuvering their truck and trailer to its destination. These can all greatly affect how or where a vehicle is picked up or delivered.  

If my vehicle can't make it to the drop off destination, where will it be delivered to?

If door-to-door service cannot be provided due to any circumstances, the carrier will arrange to have the vehicle delivered to a safe and convenient location which will be mutually agreed upon between them and the person accepting the vehicle.

Door To Door Shipping
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