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The Following Is Required In Order To Haul For Dash Auto Delivery 

  • 10 or more positive ratings on Central Dispatch

  • 3 months authority

  • Signed W-9 Form

  • Certificate of Insurance (Dash Auto Delivery Listed as Certificate Holder) ​MUST BE SENT DIRECTLY FROM YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY

  • Completed New Carrier Profile Page

  • Completed Automotive Hauling Details Page

  • Signed Accounting Details Page

  • Signed Terms & Conditions Page

 1.) Dash Auto Delivery will ​NOT​ activate carriers with less than ​10​ positive ratings on Central Dispatch (you must have at least  85% average)

 2.) Dash Auto Delivery requires ​3 months authority​ in order to activate any carrier. If you have previous experience, please let  us know who you hauled for, time frames you hauled for them (mo/year-mo/year) and types of vehicles you hauled (new, used,  operable, inoperable, salvage, etc.)

 3.) A hand signed copy of your ​W-9 form​ is required for tax purposes. Please email to​. This  must be signed by the owner of the company. If the signature is not legible, please print your name next to the signature.

 4.) Your insurance certificate ​MUST​ be on file. Please have your insurance company send the certificate listing​ Dash Auto  Delivery, LLC as the Certificate Holder with the following address:

 626 Southeast Dr.

 Dallas, Tx 75217

 Certificate must be emailed to ​​. MUST BE SENT DIRECTLY FROM YOUR INSURANCE  COMPANY OR WE WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. ​We need the actual insurance certificate, NOT your declaration page. Here are our  requirements:

 A copy of your ACORD Insurance Certificate reflecting both your Liability and your Cargo Insurance with Dash Auto Delivery  listed as Certificate Holder. Your policy cannot expire within one month of account activation. ​A minimum of $1,000,000  in automobile liability and $50,000 in cargo insurance for 1 car haulers, $100,000 for 2-3 car haulers, $150,000  for 4 car haulers and $250,000 for 5 or more vehicles.​ The certificate must show your Cargo Insurance Deductible. The  certificate must list the Doing Business As (DBA) name on the certificate. Unfortunately, companies submitting policies with a  Binder, Declarations Certificate or invalid policy numbers (TBA or TBD) will not be processed. The certificate must list the physical  address as it is listed on the operating authority. P.O. Boxes are not acceptable on the insurance certificate. We do not accept  insurance company statements or invoices.​ If scheduled autos is checked, the scheduled autos must be listed on the certificate. ​  Illinois state carriers are required to have Workers Comp coverage. ADESA Legacy Carriers must list Dash Auto Delivery as an  additional insured. The certificate must list all motor vehicles covered by the policy.

 5.) New Carrier Profile must be completed with correct and up to date contact information. Please email ​ for any changes.

 6.) Completed Automotive Hauling Details Page

 7.) Signed Accounting Details Page- Carrier will ​default to 30 DAY ​payment by check if not completed.

 8.) Signed Terms & Conditions Page

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