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We're changing vehicle transport for the BETTER.

Don't wait for days and days and pay a fortune to ship your vehicle. Our vehicle logistics team has you covered, all over the USA!

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The 3 Dash Commandments


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Getting your car to you quickly is what Dash was built for. We use next-level logistics for tracking and delivery


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Delivering your car to it's destination safe and sound is what Dash is meant for. Safety is our #1 priority.

Customer Service


We have a special love for our cars. You deserve to know every detail about your cars delivery.

Let's Elaborate



Our drivers have over 1,000,000 miles worth of combined experience. In a world of flashy new things, nothing beats real world experience. Ship safely with open and enclosed options.

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Dash is our name but logistics is our game. Our proprietary logistics formula provides us real time access to where your vehicle is. In a world of Big Data, you deserve the quickest way to get your vehicle to you.

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Trust that our Dash customer success team can deliver you peace of mind on any questions you have about your vehicle. Get regular updates about your vehicles whereabouts!

Ready to make the move?

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